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Latest News

  • Silent Night


    A thrilling new Christmas themed chase game for a hundred players.

    Saturday the 11th of December 7:00 & 8:30
    Beneath the frenzy of the Christmas streets is a hidden world of excitement and danger.  Get ready for you and your friends to team up and battle your way through the Christmas crowds to the heart of the Silent Night. Can you evade the enemies all around you? Can you catch the other teams unaware? Find the hidden locations and cross the line between the real and the imagined. Can you become the saviours of the season in this twisting of Christmas folklore?

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  • Tweeture Press Release

    The deluded, twitter monster robot is off to San Francisco. First launched at South by Southwest festival, Tweeture is being taken by one of his creators, Simon Johnson from Slingshot, for another outing at Come Out and Play Weekend 2010.

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  • 2.8 Hours Later


    Greed had infected the people of Bristol, consuming their humanity and turning them into zombies. The city emptied of inhabitants, it’s institutions, homes and businesses abandoned to the infected horde. Into this nightmare we sent 500 players, their objective to seek out survivors and to discover the location of the resistance.

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